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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - helping you avoid toxic alternatives

Hempty Head Hemp Oil Body Balm

Hempty Head customers are conscious of their body’s needs and trust our Australian Hemp farmer’s infusion process to produce a superior oil

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Quality Infusion Process

Our Hemp oil is produced from organically grown Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) in Northern New South Wales, Australia

Hempty Head Hemp Plant Sapling In Soil

The Industrial Hemp plant is naturally low in THC <0.3%

A quality infusion process allows all of the plant’s active ingredients to transfer into our botanically rich, Full Spectrum Hemp oil

Natural Ingredients

We only compliment our Absolute Hemp Oil with naturally beneficial ingredients resulting in best-in-class Hemp oil products for your daily bodycare routine

No Hidden Nasties

No toxins. No Parabens. Nothing that shouldn't be there. Just pure, natural Hemp oil and complimentary ingredients


Animal Cruelty Free

Why would anyone?


Made with Love & Care

Our Hemp Farmer uses a unique infusion process to extract our oil so we get more from our plants. Our products are made in small batches to promote freshness and a longer shelf life

Australian Made

Our relationship with our Hemp Farmer means we know our oil is responsibly sourced from plants grown in Australia


All Natural Ingredients

Nothing added or removed. There's nothing artificial used here


Environmentally Friendly

Hemp is great for our planet, uses less water than most other crops and consumes more CO2 than trees. We're working on improving our packaging too


Cloud Catcher Range

Our Cloud Catcher range will be a cut-above. But currently, it's unavailable. We're looking forward to unveiling this in the future. Wait and see...


Tephra Range

Our Flagship Bodycare products range from Bath Teas to Face Oil to Lip Balm. All helping you be at your best every day


Tweed Range

Designed for your Pets. We're working on ways for you to also help your best friends be at their best friendly too


Who Are We?

We are a WA family. Working hard, like most people, to make a better future for our children & extended family, our friends and our community. We are Hempty Heads!

Our Goal

To raise awareness of the natural benefits the Hemp plant can have on our lives, infrastructures and community by sharing Hemp industry news and Hemp Oil products

Why Use Hemp?

Humans discovered thousands of years ago, how to use Hemp. Oil is increasingly used therapeutically around the world, while the plant is being utilized in the clothing & building industries


Join Us On Our Journey!

Our friendly community of Hempty Heads is a great resource. We often learn from them and you could too. We love to hear their experiences with our Bodycare range and the positive difference it’s making in their lives.

We encourage you to engage with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our Blog. If you know someone who might appreciate our Hemp oil Bodycare products, show them you’re thinking of them and invite them onto our social media. It helps us and them.

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"Industrial Hemp is a very useful plant. I challenged the attorney general to get rid of the criminal stigma associated with Hemp so we can look at it in terms of how it might be useful."
Jesse Ventura​

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"Their Lip Balm feels like it lasts for hours. I like to apply it before going to bed."

Hemp Inspired Bodycare

"I have used a couple of other oils. This one is working well for me."
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