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We are just like you!

We care about what we put in and on our body, how it makes us feel and the impact harmful ingredients have on our health, mental health and wellbeing.

We want to leave a flourishing world for our future generations, not a dying one and believe the Hemp plant and the beneficial products it yields can contribute greatly to that world.


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In our earlier years, we gave no thought to what we were ingesting through our foods and pharmaceutical medications or what we were putting on our skin when using things like moisturizer or lip balms.  After multiple surgeries between us and taking those harmful medications for long periods of time, our bodies, our overall health and mental health yearned for something else.

We were effectively Empty Heads when it came to understanding the impacts of pharmaceuticals and chemicals on our body. Discovering the amazing Hemp plant and all its benefits we grew from Empty Heads into Hempty Heads and we believe becoming a Hempty Head too is your key to a greater you.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Our Mission is to Bring You Quality Hemp Oil Bodycare Products You Will Love Every Day

We work closely with our licensed Hemp Farm provider to produce quality Hemp Oil products you can trust for your daily routine. Our Hemp Farm provider only makes our products in small batches so all those wonderful, naturally occurring compounds are at the correct levels to heighten the Entourage Effect and ensure THC is <0.3% whilst keeping fresh longer.

Our Organic Hemp Oil is Found in all our Bodycare Products!

We’re working in the background on two new product ranges, including products for your Pets!

For now, our Flagship Tephra Range has beautifully curated Hemp inspired products to care for your body.


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Why Our Absolute Hemp Oil?

Over 23 million years ago, a volcanic eruption formed the now gone Tweed Volcano in the Northern Rivers region of northern New South Wales, Australia. Along the Tweed Range is Mt Warning or “The Cloud Catcher”.

In the shadow of The Cloud Catcher, on land that over the ages has fully absorbed the Tephra (volcanic ash), our licensed Hemp Farmer’s organic Hemp plants are grown in this nutrient rich earth. This serene, sub-tropical landscape is a perfectly balanced environment, nourishing our plants, helping to make them powerful and effective, even in the smallest amounts.

Infusion Process

The Hemp Plant has been around for thousands of years and has naturally evolved to be the best it can be.

Our Hemp Farmer has developed their infusion process to extract the Hemp oil which is used as the base ingredient in all of our Bodycare products. Almost every part of the plant is utilized, even the Hemp Seed Oil.

During this process, all of the active botanical elements in the plant naturally transfer into the pure oil. Compared to a CBD oil product, most of the natural compounds that exist in the Hemp plant also exist in this pure Hemp oil, where a CBD oil has only one compound – CBD.

At Hempty Head, we call this infusion: Absolute Hemp Oil

Once the Hemp oil infusion is extracted from the Hemp plant, it contains the majority of the naturally occurring compounds.


There are over 85 cannabinoids, as well as vitamins and antioxidants within the 400-600 botanicals found in our Absolute Hemp Oil. These ingredients work synergistically, heightening and improving the potential healing qualities of our oil, according to The Entourage Effect.

We work closely with our Hemp Farm provider to create products that contain only our Absolute Hemp oil and other natural, beneficial ingredients. When your body absorbs our oil, you can be sure there are no toxins or bad elements.

Why we should use the Hemp plant?

The Hemp plant is beneficial to us and our planet.

Except in recent history, due to it’s relationship with the Marijuana plant, the Hemp plant’s beneficial qualities were accepted as positive.

It’s only in recent years, as studies have been completed and laws have changed, we’re beginning to use the plant in positive ways again that are useful to us, for our minds & bodies, infrastructures and environment.

Apart from our own growing industry of Bodycare & Botanicals, the building industry is an example of how useful the Hemp plant can be whilst reducing negative effects on our environment. Hemp clothing, too, is on the rise. As well as environmentally friendly food storage and packaging that greatly reduces plastics in our world.

The Hemp plant is amazing! Hempty Head believes the stigma attached to it is undeserved and we welcome more scientific studies and its greater use in our lives.

Hemp Plant Benefits


The Hemp plant does not require the water levels used by other crops

Compound Rich

100s of compounds grow naturally within the Hemp plant. Many believed to have beneficial qualities.

Quick Growing

The Hemp plant can grow within just 4 months!

Great for our Atmosphere

The Hemp plant is faster than trees at removing Carbon Dioxide from our atmosphere

Used in Construction

Hempcrete was found to sequester 307 kilograms of CO2 per cubic meter (click heading to see a study)

Used in Clothing Industry

Hemp Fiber is used to produce Dresses, Jeans, Hats, Shirts, Canvass, Ropes......

What's the Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana?

Hemp is often confused with Marijuana. They’re essentially Cannabis cousins and closely related but there are differences between the two. The main concern people have with Hemp, and the question we are asked the most is, will it get you “High”?

No. Whilst the Marijuana plant is being used successfully for medical purposes, with their higher THC levels, our Hemp Farmer’s plants have naturally low levels of THC (<0.3%), complying with all Australian guidelines. Our Bodycare products will not make you “High”.

Hemp Plant

(Cannabis sativa)

Marijuana Plant

(Cannabis indica)
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