Frequently Asked Questions

Basically… no.  The Hemp plant contains a compound called Tetrahydrocanibinol (THC). It is this compound that causes the “High” associated with the Marijuana Plant. However, the Hemp plant naturally contains far less quantities of THC and not enough to cause the effect of “getting high”.

Our Hemp Farm supplier is based in Northern New South Wales. There, is the now gone Tweed Volcano and along the Tweed range is Mount Warning or The Cloud Catcher. We’ve paid homage to nature by using these names for our product range titles.

We’re working with our Hemp Farm supplier to produce a range of products for Pets. Please stay tuned for more news but for now, our Tephra Range of oils are suitable for animals with reported success for Dogs, Cats & Horses.

We are currently workingwith our Hemp Farm suppllier to create new flavours using natural ingredients. They should be available very soon.

We’re still working on this range of products. It may not be available in Australia for some time.

We use the same base oil in all our products. The oil comes in different sizes – 25ml & 100ml.

In terms of THC, our crop is tested to ensure it falls below the legal limit of 0.3%, otherwise it would be destroyed.

In terms of all other compounds, in particular CBD, we do not test for, nor publish Lab results. Regular testing is costly and would drive up our price, potentially driving it too high for many of our customers, particularly the elderly on tight budgets. Based on feedback from customers who have tried alternative products, we would put our oil at a mid-strength ~500mg-750mg. More often than not, this is more than enough for most people.

We are aware others manipulate a base oil with engineered Isolates to boost this value but we disagree with this process and believe a natural product, as nature intended, is the way to go. We believe our natural process and low entry fee is the best way forward for most people.

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